The beginning.

This blog will track my research, thinking, writing, debating, wins, and failures of my dissertation on bicycles, feminism, gentrification, and community building.

I have been studying bicycle cultures for the last two years at the University of Minnesota. I have focused on a feminist bicycle group in the Midwest, an all-male youth bike group in Oakland, and have been trying to theorize what “bicycle feminism” means (that paper got rejected from a national conference so perhaps I should move on–or just make it into a zine).

Outside of academia I am involved in numerous bicycle projects and communities including a yearly 24-hour urban bike race, an all-women and trans bike shop night, a one-off all-women bicycle calendar to support the work of local women bicyclists, and the urban bicycle commuter community.

I believe the bicycle can be an empowering technology. I believe the bicycle can be an avenue for racism, classism, and sexism to manifest. I believe it is important to talk about this tension.

More later.

Bike safe and helmets.

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