ride around, left or right, and i’m on my bike


I am very excited to be re-starting a research project on Black youth, hip hop, and biking. In this project, I am doing a textual analysis of two rap songs about biking, featuring Black youth and connecting these songs to the urban spaces from which these songs were born.

It is no secret I am a mega fan of Da Rich Kidzz (formally the Y.N. Rich Kids) and a few weeks ago I interviewed Ben on Ten, G-6, and Lady J about the making of the “My Bike” video and their experiences biking around Minneapolis.

I will post a transcript of our interview soon.100_3085

For now, just a bragging post and related picture.

Note to those outside of the Twin Cities: Da Rich Kidzz are a *big* deal here and have received immense community support, such as heavy rotation on KMOJ, The People’s Station (the best radio station in town)


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