Interview with Da Rich Kidzz

This summer, I brag-posted about meeting Da Rich Kidzz (FKA Y.N.RichKids). I was able to chat with G-6, Lady J, and Ben-10. Here is the transcript of our conversation. (Also I lack all ability to interview people under the age of 18, as illustrated here)


Melody: Who came up with the idea for “My Bike”?:

G-6: We all came up with the idea at the Beats and Rhymes program at the YMCA

Melody: Do you all ride bikes?

Group: Yes

Melody: everyday?

G-6: Yes.

Ben-on-10: Not every day.

Lady J: I do!

Melody: Do you ride to school or your friend’s house?

Lady J: I just ride back and forth at home.

Melody: You all live in North [Minneapolis] right?

Group: Yes

Melody: Ok, so do people your age think biking is cool?

G-6: I don’t know how other people feel about riding bikes but I know the friends I hang out with like to ride bikes.

Melody: So no one makes fun of you?

G-6: No, no one makes fun of us.

Lady J: It’s normal, that’s what they are made for, to ride!

Melody: No, I know I know. Just some kids think its dorky or something.

G-6: It’s better than walking!

Ben-on-10: And exercising!

Melody: I ride my bike everywhere, too. That’s why I was curious. And Ben-on-10, because you’re here, how come you are the only one wearing a helmet in the music video?

Ben-on-10: I am the only one wearing a helmet in the music video because my mom and dad told me I had to wear it.

Lady J: Safety, safety

Melody: Yeah. It’s a cool helmet. How come you guys got away without wearing one?

G-6: No we did not have to wear a helmet in the video.

Melody: Are helmets dorky?

G-6: No, helmets are not dorky.

Melody: So what was the experience like riding around Minneapolis making that video?

G-6: The experience was good and fun. And a lot of knowledge on the Twins Stadium because we went in and shot the video there.

Melody: Yeah I saw that!

G-6: So we got a little tour.

Lady J: The experience was fun and we got to go around the whole Twin Cities, Mall of America, on top of busses. It was epic. The music video was epic. And the experiences during the music video was very epic.

G-6: It was also fun because we got to ride BMX bikes.

Lady J: And they were very fast.

Melody: You got to borrow those? You don’t ride those usually?

Group: Nah.

Melody: What bikes do you usually ride?

Lady J: Huffy’s,  yeah just Huffy’s

Melody: Ben-on-10, how did you like making the video?

Ben-on-10: Uh, kinda good.

Melody: You got to ride on everyone’s shoulders, right? You were on the Twins mascot’s shoulders, the derby girl’s shoulders. That’s what you get for being light huh?

Lady J: I’m light! laughter

Melody: Do you think people like “My Bike”?

G-6: I think a lot of people like the song because I have seen good comments on YouTube and we got a lot of views.

Lady J: And yes they like the song because they support us with their views, they support us on KMOJ, they support us everywhere. And so that is why I appreciate that. Some people don’t support us but you know it’s all good we still got family and friends and people we don’t even know who support us. So that’s very helpful and appreciative.

Melody: Hey have you heard about the scraper bikes in Oakland?

G-6: No we have not heard of the scraper bikes

Melody: Oh man you should look them up. It’s a crew of young kids and they made a rap video about biking but they make their bikes look like low rider cars. They put aluminum foil on their rims so it looks like fancy rims and they color coordinate it and put stereo systems in it. You remind me of them. Alright, anything else you want to say?

G-6: No we have nothing else to say.

Melody: Ok so G-6, Lady J, and Ben-on-10 signing out.

G-6: Yes.

credit: Draftfcb Chicago

credit: Draftfcb Chicago

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