Biking while black, brown, woman, trans, femme, immigrant, poor, different, other…

Image credit:

Image credit:

What does it mean for a mobility tool to be symbolized as freedom, EMPOWERMENT, and a positive form of visibility 

to simultaneously also be a means by which people can easily harass, profile, and taunt those choosing this form of mobility?

What is freedom if the police mark you as suspicious?

Image credit: ABC News

Image credit: ABC News

What is EMPOWERMENT if men catcall you?

Image credit: HollaBack

Image credit: HollaBack

What is visibility if all you are trying to do is stay invisible?

We must remember that while some of us find great freedom, empowerment and visibility in the BICYCLE, there are others of us who see the bicycle as yet another way to be profiled, harassed, and targeted.

Image credit: Miami New Times

Image credit: Miami New Times

Don’t get it? Check out this Healthy Connections report on how your fellow bicyclists feel while riding.


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