COMING JULY 2016: Bike Lanes are White Lanes

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I have a book coming out with the University of Nebraska Press. It has been a longtime coming. Three years to be precise (from dissertation defense to rehabbing it for publication). Editing a book is tedious, boring, and a risk to your self-confidence. You second guess your claims, your ideas, your writing–everything!

But this past week I have been crafting the book’s index (h/t to Dr. Elana Levine for guidance) and it has reenergized my belief in the book. It is an index that I am proud of because it represents the book that I always wished existed.

When the book comes out in July, I will have an accompanying website with images that didn’t make it into the book (note to new authors: any pictures you want published in a book, use an actual camera and not your phone).

For now, wouldn’t you love to see some of index entries? Great!

African American

bicycle advocates  (subcategories include: focused on equity, mainstream, working with city government)

bicyclists (black, Latino, racing, Somali, upwardly mobile)

creative class


invisible cyclists





Re-blog: What’s keeping people from riding? A new report highlights some reasons

Over at the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition blog, I wrote up a summary of a local (Minneapolis) report on focus groups with underrepresented communities in the bike world.

These experiences are rarely heard in organized bicycling (read: mainstream bicycle advocacy) so I highly encourage you to read my summary and the full report.

Some key findings that emerged were sexual harassment, subtle racism, and lack of bike education are keeping people from riding. I was not surprised by the findings but am happy these experiences are recorded.

Perhaps this will help bicycle advocacy shift its thinking beyond the majority experience at the planning tables.