My favorite intersection in Portland, OR

Hello from Portland, Oregon! I am currently in town working an odd job and trying to squeeze in some research about bike lanes and gentrified communities. I am drawn to Portland due to a recent community uproar over a proposed bicycle lane improvement plan in North Portland. There is ample coverage of this via Bike Portland:

Funny enough, I am sitting in a cafe mere feet from the bike lane that has caused a serious discussion about racism and classism rooted in bicycle infrastructure planning.

The community debate about what an improved bike lane represents in North Portland rests on a recent history of hyper-gentrification in the area. The house I am staying at in Portland is a few blocks from the intersection of Fremont and 15th Ave. I am completely fascinated with this intersection due to its glaring juxtaposition between the “old” and “new” North Portland. Have a look!

Helmets, Melody

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