And now everything’s fine: Biking While Not White

Sahra Sulaiman over at Streets Blog just compiled a sad, but not surprising, list of recent events wherein police harassed a person of color on their bike. Sometimes the outcome was just some shattered nerves and humiliation. Other times it was a death sentence.

“A bike is the perfect excuse for officers to regularly stop and question them about their activities or why they are in a particular neighborhood.”

Just something for people to chew on; especially bicycle advocates who do not experience policing in this brutal, violent, murderous way.

This blog article by Sulaiman came about because of a racist Facebook group called “Black people with bikes that are’t theirs” (slated for deletion soon). And if you are curious, because the photos were all taken down, the “evidence” used (to show that Black people steal bikes) included famous African American bike advocates riding their bikes. Good job.

I think Tina Fey sums it up pretty well when she made this remark at the Golden Globes about a new movie (stay with me here).

“The movie Selma is about the American civil rights movement, that totally worked and now everything’s fine.”