Phoenix: Where the Invisible become Visible

I just returned from a four-day trip to Phoenix, Arizona. It was my first visit to the Southwest. The four days were spent with my boyfriend (Dakota) exploring a large swath of the Phoenix area including Tempe and Scottsdale. We managed to utilize every form of transportation available:  light rail, bicycle, walking, private car, taxi, bus, and pedicab. In short, I was pleasantly surprised by my visit. My expectation of it being merely a place to not be shivering cold was greatly exceeded. Beyond the amazing vegan food, friendly people, diverse population, and fantastic street art I grew very curious about the bike culture which in it of itself could have held my attention for the entire trip.

Almost instantly upon walking my first few steps in the downtown area, something seemed really strange about biking in Phoenix. Not only were a lot of people bicycling, but the people bicycling were meant to be invisible.


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