Interview with Da Rich Kidzz

This summer, I brag-posted about meeting Da Rich Kidzz (FKA Y.N.RichKids). I was able to chat with G-6, Lady J, and Ben-10. Here is the transcript of our conversation. (Also I lack all ability to interview people under the age of 18, as illustrated here)


Melody: Who came up with the idea for “My Bike”?:

G-6: We all came up with the idea at the Beats and Rhymes program at the YMCA

Melody: Do you all ride bikes?

Group: Yes

Melody: everyday?

G-6: Yes.

Ben-on-10: Not every day.

Lady J: I do!

Melody: Do you ride to school or your friend’s house?

Lady J: I just ride back and forth at home.

Melody: You all live in North [Minneapolis] right?

Group: Yes

Melody: Ok, so do people your age think biking is cool?

G-6: I don’t know how other people feel about riding bikes but I know the friends I hang out with like to ride bikes.

Melody: So no one makes fun of you?

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